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Rem Face and Beard Balm

Rem Face and Beard Balm


Help hydrate your face while keeping your beard under control with Rem’s Face & Beard Balm. Soft yet manly scent combined with all the benefits of CBD oil.

2 oz / 250 mg CBD

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Helps reduce inflammation & fight against breakouts
Decrease that “itchy” feeling
Softer & controlled hair
Keeps skin moisturized and hydrated

Natural sunscreen

Beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, hemp derived CBD, jojoba oil, Hemp seed oil, rosehip seed oil, rosemary oil, chamomile, cedarwood, frankincense, tea tree, geranium ucalyptus, natural essential perfume oils.

Need to know: All of Rem Full Spectrum’s products are THC Free. We use only the best natural ingredients, most of which are made by hand, combined with a hemp based CBD.