Rem Full Spectrum

This is Us

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Who we are?

Traditionally this is the area for flowery content and fluffy verbiage, but if we wrote anything to that nature, it just wouldn’t be us.  While we use flowery ingredients in our products and our bodies have a greater fluff to muscle ratio, who we are extends beyond a thesaurus’ intended use.  

We are three unabashadley REAL women.  We are ridiculous, crazy, hilarious, strong women who are passionate and deeply committed to helping others.  We laugh until we cry (we also cry until we laugh), our pets are our babies, eating means spilling something on our clothes and we suffer from a disease called “dance fever”.  Each of us has struggled with some level of depression, anxiety and self-doubt but at the end of the day that only adds to our cookyness and makes us laugh more. Together, we have found a way to conquer daily stressors and live happily.

The road to creating Rem Full Spectrum was long, and bumpy. Over the years, we’ve experienced illness, loss and tragedy. We won’t lie, there were times when the drive to keep going seemed out of reach, but somehow, we did. When life took such a turn that the prospect of death gave a sense of relief, that’s when we knew making something to help was a necessity.  Driven by our own personal heartaches, we feel that our time would be wasted if we weren’t trying to help those in pain, discomfort and dealing with issues beyond their control.

Now we won’t go on and on about illness, loss and tragedy because as I stated earlier, we are hilarious and cooky, we will end on an upbeat note by saying “fuck you cancer” and the ailments life throws at you.

May Rem provide nurturing support in your pursuit of natural Relief. Energy. Mood.