Since using Rem, I have noticed a massive reduction of inflammation and overall calming. My favorite products are the CBD drops, Massage oil, bath salts and body butter. there’s not one day that passes where I am not head- to -toe REM
— Laura Gleason, Chef and Model
Rem’s Rejuvenating face serum is just fabulous, as well as the lip balm. they have become my must haves! My husband is using the pain salve and the massage oil daily and loves it! we definitely recommend Rem to everyone.
— Melanie Reed
REM has luscious skin care products. The rem sandalwood vanilla body butter is silky luxury that melts into a clean soft scent. I recommend using the face serum at night for plumped, hydrated skin in the morning. The massage oil packs heat, good for rubbing into tight muscles. I don’t know what I would do without REM. I’ve tried many different cbd lines and nothing else comes close.
— Alice Batliner, Artist
I can’t do any THC products due to my work. so knowing that Rem’s products are thc free has been a huge help when it comes to my relief and keeping my job. My pain has subsided greatly, my sleep schedule has balanced out and my appetite has improved. I have recommended rem since the first day I have tried it. Thank you so much!
— Ben Magoo, Union Glass Glazier.